Sopron is one of the most attractive touristic places of Hungary. It is located in the northwestern corner of the country, between the basin of the Fertő Lake (Neusiedler See) and the Sopron Mountains. It is often called the „Western Gate of Hungary”, as it lies only 6 km from the Austrian border.

View of Sopron with the Firewatch Tower
View of Sopron with the Firewatch Tower

The Sopron mountain range is the eastern extension of the Alps. Due to its clean air, Sopron is an officially renowned climatic health resort.

Sopron – the richest Hungarian town in monuments – right after Budapest

Thousands of visitors are attracted year by year by the varied natural features, charming oldtown streets and the historical monuments of Sopron. More than the half of the territory of the city is standing under monument protection.

A significant sight on Várkerület (main road surrounding the old town) is the Fountain of Fidelity. From here one can get through under the Firewatch Tower to the old market, today’s Main Square. The atmosphere of this place is determined by the Goat church, Holy Trinity Statue, Town Hall and town palaces as the Storno, Lackner or Fabricius houses or the Pharmacy house.

Main Square
Main Square

From the Main Square opens the Church Street (Templom utca), where the two former Esterházy palaces accommodate the Central Museum of Mining and the Collection of Forestry. One of Sopron’s most outstanding Rococo residences is the Bezerédj palace, the site of a concert held by Franz Liszt in 1840. The following Lutheran church is the largest church of Sopron and it can accommodate 3000 people at once.

Dominant buildings of Ursulinian Square (Orsolya tér) are the one-time church, school and nunnery of the Ursulinian nuns. New Street (Új utca) is despite its name one of the oldest ones in the town, where there are two Synagogues to be found from the Middle Ages. The Medieval Old Synagogue was built in the 14th century, the Medieval New Synagogue is younger by only 70 years.

St. George Street (Szent György utca) hides two churches. One of them is the namegiver St. George church, the other is located in the courtyard of the Eggenberg house.

 Sopron - Várkerület
Sopron - Várkerület

Today’s Várkerület (ring road around the fortress) has been formed on the site of the one-time moat. The fortress walls are to be seen on several places in the downtown of Sopron. Bombardments in 1944 destroyed houses hiding the Ron as well. Virgin Mary’s column is standing on the old market place.

Lőverek is the hilly area of Sopron full of villa’s and hotels. On one of its peaks stands the Charles lookout tower from where there is a beautiful view of Fertő Lake (Neusiedler See) and by good weather conditions even the Schneeberg in Austria can be seen.

Sopronbánfalva (Wandorf) – church and monastery of the Paulines, later of the Carmelites
Sopronbánfalva (Wandorf) – church and monastery of the Paulines, later of the Carmelites

A most outstanding monument in Sopronbánfalva (Wandorf) is the church and monastery of the Paulinian Order, later in the property of the Carmelites. The Black Madonna icon stored in the church is a relic of the cult of Virgin Mary going back to the Middle Ages.

Sopron – Town of Freedom and Fidelity

Inhabitants of Sopron and neighbouring villages – Ágfalva, Balf, Sopronbánfalva, Fertőboz, Fertőrákos, Harka, Kópháza, Nagycenk – have voted on the referendum of 14 December 1921 for remaining part of Hungary. That’s why Sopron has got the title Civitas Fidelissima – The Most Faithful Town.

Sopron – Capital of Bluefrankish Wine

Wine growing in the surroundings of Sopron has got a past of more than 2000 years.

Wine making and wine trade have always played an important role in the life of Sopron. The town had got the right of custom free wine transportation in 1279. Even guards of the Firewatch Tower had the duty to warn the town council by attempts to bring in the town non-local wines.

Sopron – Capital of Bluefrankish Wine
Sopron – Capital of Bluefrankish Wine

Wines of the district are characterized by mellow, fruity flavour, combined very well with the special smell added by the maturation process in oak barrels. Dominant red vine varieties of the area are Bluefrankish, Zweigelt, Merlot and Cabernet. Among white wines Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc are the most widely aspread. Since 2004 Sopron has officially been the proud bearer of the title „Capital of Bluefrankish Wine”.

Sopron – The most flowery Hungarian city

Sopron – The most flowery Hungarian city
Sopron – The most flowery Hungarian city

In 2009 Sopron has won the title of most flowery Hungarian city in the competition „Flowery Hungary” for making environment more beautiful. In 2010 it won silver medal in the Entente Florale Europe in town category.

Sopron – Town of Festivals and Meetings

Sopron offers colourful programs and festivals in each seasons where all age groups can find proper opportunity for entertainment.

Spring programs:

  • Sopron Spring Festival
  • Liszt Festival
  • Sopron World of Gastronomy
  • Wine Feast

Summer programs:

  • Bluefrankish Summer
  • Sopron Festive Weeks
  • Old Music Days
  • Fairies’ Festival
  • VOLT Festival
  • Celtic Festival

Autumn programs:

  • Wine Harvest Days
  • innoLignum Wood Technology Exhibition & Fair

Winter offer:

  • Christmas Market

 Sopron - Új utca
Sopron – New Street

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